Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our mission and curriculum, your mission

Our Mission Statement

With funding from the public, SOFTIN enables the disabled, builds self-esteem in the physically and mentally impaired, helps victims of abuse overcome trauma, assists elderly in living fuller lives, educates children and teaches troubled youth the values of nature, conservation and community spirit... all through unique and tailored at-sea learning/research experiences.

Curriculum specifics (short version)

Teaching enabling life skills and sense of self esteem to challenged special-needs people (including disabled, impaired, victims of abuse, frail elderly, youths-at-risk) though one-on-one, hands-on educational lessons and experiences at sea; practicing marlinspike seamanship; viewing, identification and monitoring of marine mammals and seabirds; demonstrating subsistence/recreational fishing skills focused on the principles of ethical angling; teaching ocean conservation values and water quality issues; learning about the people, infrastructure, vessel types and job/career opportunities among our waterfront communities; monitoring and educating the public and resource managers about sea life and habitat.

Your Mission Statement

Help us help them. Your tax deductible donation to SOFTIN, Inc. will enrich the lives of the disabled, impaired, victims of abuse, elderly and youths-at-risk we serve. Give them educational experiences and skills that they would otherwise never gain. Imagine the nurturing power of close interaction with the creatures of the sea – mammals, birds, fish, shellfish and plants. Imagine their joy of learning life-enriching knowledge and skills including reading the signs of weather, monitoring various marine life, fishing, working with ropes, learning to use charts/maps and understanding the lifestyle and career possibilities of the waterfront community. Finally, imagine the genuine and profound appreciation of the special people we serve and empower to live fuller lives. Our mission is made possible by your mission. Give generously and do it now because the need is now.

Capt. David Bacon
Executive Director, SOFTIN

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