Sunday, November 15, 2009

Corporate Charity Fair a big hit

SOFTIN was invited to an unusual and wonderful event…. A corporate Charity Fair. FLIR Corporation in Goleta, California does this each year. For many years, the company funneled employee contributions and corporate contributions to one of the big national charity organizations. But at the request of a number of their employees who wanted to see their contributions go to helping a variety of nonprofit charitable organizations, FLIR management came up with a bright plan… invite numerous charities (ranging from very small to very large) to set up display tables at a 2-hour Charity Fair in the large and tastefully decorated company break room.

FLIR employees came in and talked with all of us, gaining helpful insight on all the wonderful charitable work being done locally, regionally and nationally. The employees even had a fun method of engaging in a raffle, based upon cards on which they gathered signatures from the nonprofit representatives they spoke with. Subsequently, FLIR awards donations to the various attending organizations.

The event was a positive and engaging experience for all. I doff my hat in admiration and appreciation to FLIR Corporation and especially to the staff members who worked very hard to create and manage the Charity Fair.

Working at SOFTIN is a joy,

Capt. David Bacon
Executive Director,

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