Saturday, December 12, 2009

Donations Keep SOFTIN working

Sharing good news makes my fingers quicker on the keyboard and right now I have happy fingertips. Two successive donations have helped SOFTIN to continue to provide services to our special-needs community.

$500: I put on a talk about SOFTIN at a meeting of a fishing club. These are boat people who understand the value of lessons learned at sea. After the meeting, a feller (who wishes to remain anonymous) came up to me and asked for my address so that he could send a check because he felt deeply touched by what we do for the disabled, impaired, victims of abuse, frail elderly and youths-at-risk. Two days later his check for $500 arrived in the mail. He lived up to his word and thanks to him, more services can be provided.

$1,603: In mid-November SOFTIN was invited to set up an information display for the corporate Charity Fair at FLIR Corporation, a high-tech company. I wrote a blog entry here at the time. We just received a letter from FLIR describing donations from employees, matching amounts from the company and an award from their community philanthropy fund. Along with the letter were checks totaling $1,603. Wow! There are plenty of special-needs people who are going to benefit greatly from this donation.

SOFTIN is SO thankful for these two generous donations, especially here at year-end. We get a little misty-eyed about such things. We are, after all, SOFTIN softies and this is the most meaningful work we have ever done.

Able to move forward,

Capt. David Bacon
Executive Director,

PS: That address for donations is:
691 Camino Campana
Santa Barbara, Ca 93111

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