Thursday, September 3, 2009

Invitation to make good things happen

SOFTIN has the capacity to establish and maintain collaborative relations with additional organizations which provide services to special-needs people. Our list of collaborators is impressive (YMCA, Parents of Special Education, Child Abuse Listening & Mediation, and others) and we have room for more. We invite and encourage contact from potential collaborators so that we can enrich lives by providing at-sea educational adventures.

Please make contacts for us, should you know of someone who works at such an organization. You can make good things happen for some very deserving people. Do you have special needs people in your family or circle of friends? Tell them about us and help them contact us.

Contact Capt. Tiffany Vague at, to explore a collaborative relationship or to schedule educational adventures for special-needs people.

Capt. David Bacon
Executive Director,

PS: We do not charge our special needs passengers. Our work is to benefit them.

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