Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sailboat & Slip donated if SOFTIN can cover expenses

A kind and wonderful couple offered to donate their sailboat (a Cal 25’) and slip to SOFTIN. This allows us to add a significant and powerfully therapeutic service to SOFTIN’s program of providing at-sea educational and self-esteem building experiences to special needs people we serve.

We are thinking that once a passenger works through our curriculum aboard the WaveWalker (our existing service vessel), this allows an option for continuing education and adventure aboard the sailboat. This concept will provide both an incentive and reward for our passengers and give us the opportunity to help them grow and experience another dimension of adventure at sea, first-hand and hands-on. I can just picture their ear-to-ear grins as they haul on ropes, watch the wind fill the sails and feel the power of nature provide momentum.

The challenge facing us (and I hope you will help us with this) is a first year expense of roughly $14,500. Subsequent years will be less costly. The costs of the first year are weighted by slip transfer and other one-time fees. Our deadline for raising the funds is nearly November.

Always for SOFTIN,

Capt. David Bacon
Executive Director,
Seafaring Opportunities For Those In Need (SOFTIN), Inc.

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