Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On marlinspike seamanship for special-needs people

A look of self pride comes over anyone who masters a nautical knot or accomplishes some other form of marlinspike seamanship. But when a special-needs person learns well and demonstrates proficiency, the power of that feeling of accomplishment is a tangible and contagious feeling of joy.

Teaching ropes and knots and coils and such is one of the most important parts of SOFTIN’s curriculum of on-the-water educational adventures. At times the task is a bowline knot and at other times it may be a proper cleat hitch and flemish coil. No matter the task, marlinspike seamanship skills are something to be proud of and something to be admired. Self respect and a sense of accomplishment are the desired byproducts and it always seems to work.

SOFTIN passengers learn may things during the course of an adventure and seamanship lessons/skills have proven repeatedly to be among the most beneficial in terms of personal growth for the people we serve.

Inviting you to help,

Capt. David Bacon
Executive Director,

To join in on a SOFTIN trip, special-needs people or their caregivers are invited to contact Capt. Tiffany Vague at:

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