Sunday, October 18, 2009

A teacher’s reward

As we teach our special-needs passengers about the wonders of the sea, about stewardship of our environment and how to perform tasks aboard a vessel, SOFTIN teachers find our rewards in many of the same feelings as shore side classroom teachers. It is the amazing feeling of taking a pupil from ignorance to understanding on any given topic. The profound feeling of accomplishment felt by the student is perfectly mirrored in the teacher.

It is a partnership… an agreement… a bond. On the student’s part, there is an acceptance of a teacher as one to learn from and a commitment to try to learn. On the teacher’s part, there is an acceptance of a void of knowledge to fill, skills to teach and a relationship to foster. When a pupil feels the joy of learning and a sense of accomplishment, the relationship bonds lights up with mutual accomplishment. The teacher is just as joyful as the student. At times, maybe more so.

Those are feelings worth living for and seem to be most powerful between special-needs kids and their teachers. Consequently, SOFTIN teachers are happy teachers.

Always for SOFTIN,

Capt. David Bacon
Executive Director,

PS: SOFTIN teachers are always looking for more special-needs pupils. Contact Capt. Tiffany (805 574-9388) to join in on an educational adventure.

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